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Dr Josepeh S DiNoto.jpg

National Security Advisor

Dr. DiNoto brings over 30 years of national security experience in conducting criminal investigations, supporting intelligence activities, managing security operations, and leading counterterrorism efforts.  His operational experience includes senior level Intelligence Community assignments in support of special operations, space, and missile defense forces, as well as law enforcement leadership assignments in support of homeland security activities.

Dr. DiNoto possesses a Doctorate in Strategic Security Studies with a specialization in National Security Strategy from the Henley-Putnam School of Strategic Security Studies at National American University.  He possesses a Master’s Degree in Global Strategies with a concentration in International Security, a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science with concentrations in National Security Affairs & Intelligence Studies, and an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Protective Intelligence.  In 2015, he was inducted into the Order of the Sword & Shield, the national academic honor society for intelligence and security professionals.

Dr. DiNoto is the only person in the history of the DoD to have ever been awarded both the Thomas Dillon Award for Security Excellence (2016) and the Kenneth C. Raymer Award for Excellence in Foreign Disclosure (2007).

His other official awards and certifications include: LTC Thomas Knowlton Award for Excellence in Military Intelligence, Army Superior Civilian Service Award (3 times); Army Commander’s Award for Civilian Service; Army Achievement Medal for Civilian Service (2 times); Army Patriotic Civilian Service Award; DoD Physical Security Certification; DoD Industrial Security Officer Certification; DoD Security Program Integration Professional Certification; DoD Security Asset Protection Professional Certification; DoD Security Fundamentals Professional Certification; and the U.S. Army Space Cadre Qualification.

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