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The SCU is a volunteer research organization comprised largely of scientists, engineers, former military officers and law enforcement personnel with technical experience and investigative backgrounds.  The SCU operates as a cooperative among the founding board members, independent researchers and affiliated or partnered organizations and performs standardized research and investigation concerning the subject of UAPs.  The following are the specific ways applicants and appointees can get involved.       


The SCU at its discretion will identify other organizations with which it is willing to partner.  If a mutual agreement can be reached that provides value to both sides, an agreement will be created and signed between the two organizations.

Community Access Members

Any individual or group that wishes to work with the SCU can do so by submitting a resume and requesting to be Community Access Member with the SCU.  Community Access Members will have access to the private SCU Facebook site and will be included in all communications.

Contributing Members

Membership upgrades to Contributing Member status are determined after someone has joined the SCU.  In addition to Community Access Member benefits, they will have access to business cards, project teams, early access to the SCU Quarterly Review and other benefits.

Prospective Authors

Care to submit a manuscript for SCU peer review and publications?  Click below to learn more about how to submit your manuscript and the overall peer review process.
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