Partner Organizations


The Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS) is an international group of scientists, academics, investigators, and volunteers dedicated to the continuing examination and analysis of the UFO phenomenon. Our purpose is to promote serious scientific interest in UFOs and their study, and to serve as an archive for reports, documents, and publications about the UFO phenomenon.


A world-wide, public search for UAPs using a global network of machine-learning, smart cameras and sensor-arrays built by you with our open source software.

The driving forces behind this project are: 1) the rapid growth and evolution of machine-learning for streamlining the analysis of large data sets; 2) the increasing affordability of AI-ready hardware like the Nvidia Jetson Nano; and 3) the continuing, perplexing presence of unidentified aerial phenomenon in our skies.

UFO data—like all data concerning the public good—should be made and kept Public. We created Sky Hub with the ultimate goal of building and hosting a worldwide, digital UFO database that anyone can access and use under a Creative Commons License using our open source software created by us and offered to the public under the MIT license.


UAPx is focused on obtaining scientific data on UAP phenomena and studying such phenomena openly with the scientific community. The UAPx team includes military veterans and physicists, as well as research scientists and trained observers that will use specialized gear to observe any would-be UAP.

Ready to become a partner?

The SCU at its discretion will consider other UFO/UAP organizations with which it is willing to partner.  If a mutual agreement can be reached that provides value to both sides, an agreement will be created and signed between the two organizations. 

Feel free to contact us directly to learn more!