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Morgan Beall has a B.S. in Earth Science from Frostburg State University. He has worked in the field of environmental consulting industrial hygiene and OSHA/EPA regulations for the last 16 years. Morgan has developed team building skills and discipline both in his field of discipline and in business. Beall now runs his own environmental consulting business and participates in various environmental advocacy efforts in Florida.

Mr. Beall has had vested interest for many years in scientific investigative field of the UAP phenomenon. He has conducted many investigations throughout Florida both privately and publicly through volunteer organizations and independent projects. He was the MUFON State Director for Florida from 2011 to 2017. Morgan was initially accepted into MUFON as a consultant under Star Team SIP program. Now Beall's efforts are focused on the development and growth of the SCU and the promotion of the scientific study of UAPs.

Morgan Beall

Exec Board Member

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  The SCU operates as a cooperative among the founding board members, independent researchers and affiliated or partnered organizations and performs standardized research and investigation concerning the subject of UAPs.  Click below to learn more about specific ways applicants and appointees can get involved. 

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