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Advancing the Scientific Study of

Anomalous Aerospace Phenomena Conference


AAPC 2023
( July 29-30)

Anomalous Aerospace Phenomena Conference (AAPC) 2023

Sponsored by SCU

This event was an online only event.


We are once again pleased to hold another exciting conference this year and it will be held virtually. Our 2022 SCU Conference was a huge success and it was a hybrid conference with in-person attendance in Huntsville, Alabama. It received high marks by attendees as being one of the best conferences held. While we wanted to replicate this, a location and an organizer could not be obtained, forcing us to revert to a virtual only event. We hope to meet again in 2024 at a place yet to be determined. 

We are under the opinion that any of our events have been exceptional considering the talented scientific presenters we attract. This years lineup will be equally exceptional and we hope you will join us online in the award winning app called Whova. Past attendees loved it and I am sure you will too. 


The Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Your contribution is tax deductible. Donations help us to continue doing more conferences purchase equipment and conduct research. 


Here are links to the information you need. PLEASE READ all of the information below...


Conference Agenda


Presenters and Panelists


Upon Registering look for a confirmation email that provides you more details. Check spam folders if you do not see this. Save this email for use prior to the event. 

You will need to register in Whova prior to the event after your payment is processed. Please allow 24 hours for this payment to synchronize with the Whova system. ALSO - Be sure to use the same email you used to process your payment. Any other email will not be recognized and you will get a message in Whova seeking a passcode. That is an indication you have used a different email address.  

Attending virtual conferences successfully and without problems is dependent on your internet connection and bandwidth. Your proximity to the router, and type of connection (wired or Wi-Fi) is also a factor. Because we have no control over your PC or your connection, we ask you to check out the best options for you prior to the event. While cameras are not required, we do have a Networking event on both days that allows you to see and chat with other attendees that you may want to partake in. Be advised that your cameras and sound will be turned off for the event. The Networking sessions allow you time to have these on for conversations. 

Please refer to the Whova Attendee Guide to assist you. Chrome is the best browser to use but it does work with others. Refer to the Confirmation email you will receive after registering here. 

There is also a mobile (phone) Whova app which may people choose to use and especially if they are on the go. Please look for this in your mobile app store. 

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