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Carl Paulson has a B.S. magna cum laude in Physics and spent four years working on a PhD in Physics in New York University's Dept of Physics Graduate program.  He previously served four years in the United States Air Force. During his career he designed power systems for the Tomahawk fusion reactor at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory and then worked for Grumman Aerospace in their Advanced Energy department located at Princeton.  This work led to similar positions at Northrop-Grumman and Lockheed Martin. Simultaneously, Mr. Paulson provided the physics designs for multiple linear accelerators. Those designs included the entire CWDD linear accelerator at Argonne National Laboratory and portions of the BEAR accelerator which was placed and operated in space.  He is a MUFON STAR Team investigator and is a member of the MUFON Science Review Board.

Carl Paulson

Board Emeritus -

Founding Contributor 

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