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Rich Hoffman has a BA in Organizational Communications from Wright State University.  He is an Information Technology consultant and strategist. He has worked as a defense contractor for over 20 years, working primarily for the Army Materiel Command HQ with a variety of companies.  Currently, Mr. Hoffman works as an Enterprise Architect at Redstone Arsenal and the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama.  He has over 54 years of experience investigating and researching the UFO subject.  Mr. Hoffman has served as Director of Investigations, Star Team Manager and Director of Strategic Projects, as well as the State Director of MUFON and worked with numerous organizations. 

Rich Hoffman

Exec Board Member

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  The SCU operates as a cooperative among the founding board members, independent researchers and affiliated or partnered organizations and performs standardized research and investigation concerning the subject of UAPs.  Click below to learn more about specific ways applicants and appointees can get involved. 

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