SCU Membership

Contributing Member:  

Any individual or group that has directly supported SCU either through works and/or financially will be designated as a “contributor”.

Benefits include:

  • Participation directly with SCU projects and operations.

  • Access to help with peer review, investigative work and other research projects.

  • Access to SCU communication platforms and private social media.

  • Authorization to submit project proposals.

  • Early Access to the SCU Review and the SCU Journal; contributors are also encouraged to submit articles 10% discount for the costs of the SCU Conference, should you wish to attend

  • Access to request an official SCU Business Card design



  •  A signed copy of the SCU mission and goals; cover letter explaining one’s interest in the scientific study of the UAP phenomenon and reasons for supporting SCU; and a copy of your resume which will be held in confidence.

  • Donations of at least $40, which are tax deductible, are given to SCU sometime between now and the end of the year. The donations that some of you made to provide scholarships for university students to attend our conference are an example. Or you can participate in activities in lieu of the financial donation. Examples of areas of participation include the following:


  1. An SCU approved research or investigative project.

  2. A written white paper or editorial that has been submitted and reviewed by SCU Peer Review Committee.

  3. Provide the SCU Peer Review Committee a pre-existing published paper for review and publishing on the SCU website.

  4. Provide an investigative case report to the review committee for publishing on SCU’s     website.

  5. Participate or volunteer in SCU conference or other events.

  6. Contribute material support to SCU such as software/web support, video services, editorial support, etc.

  7. Volunteer Staff Member such as a Board Member, journal editor, advisor, web developer, etc.

Please send the filled out SCU AND Affiliate/Member OPERATIONAL AGREEMENT form, resume and cover letter to: 

memAff Op Agree 7.png
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