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The Investigation of UFO Events at Minot Air Force Base

By Thomas Tulien, Sign Oral History Project, August, 20231,

UFO events that occurred in the early morning on 24 October 1968, Strategic Air Command, Offutt AFB, NE, initiated investigations. Immediately after the B-52 landed, pilot Maj. James Partin reported for a debriefing in the office of the Base Operations commander Col. Ralph Kirchoff. The designated Minot AFB UFO investigating officer, Lt. Col. Arthur Werlich, was awakened and informed of the situation. Later, the 5th Bombardment Wing commander requested an analysis of the B-52 radarscope film by targeting studies officer SSgt. Richard Clark. Later, the 810th Strategic Aerospace Division commander Brig. Gen. Ralph Holland debriefed the B-52 crewmembers. Werlich phoned SAC headquarters requesting technical assistance for his investigation. Denied assistance, he was instructed to comply with Air Force Regulation 80-17. That afternoon, the 91st Strategic Missile Wing commander dispatched a team to investigate the break-in at Oscar-7.

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The Investigation of UFO Events at Minot Air Force Base v2
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Read the investigation narrative below.

A Narrative of UFO Events at Minot AFB, North Dakota v2
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