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Press Release: SCU Briefing Video Series

Updated: Jul 13, 2021


The SCU is pleased to announce the publication of “SCU Briefings” - a series of short, informative videos on the topic of UAP, various cases, and the research and analysis of the SCU. The first SCU Briefing video is on the the Nimitz Encounter of 2004. It is hoped that these videos will serve to educate anyone interested in the scientific research and analysis of UAP.

The SCU Briefings can be found on our YouTube channel:

A SCU research group has thoroughly analyzed the Nov. 14, 2004 video of the UAP recorded by the Navy as well as all publicly available data from the related incident, and produced a peer reviewed evaluation:

The conclusions of this study point towards a UAP technology with capabilities exhibited that do not match any known technology in the public domain and call for the release of additional data collected by the military during the event.

The SCU will also be holding an online conference on the subject of UAPs in the first week of June. Information on that conference can be found here:

The Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies (SCU) is a think-tank of scientists, former military, law enforcement officials, and other professionals who seek evidence-based answers to UAP/UFO questions. We advocate for publicly available scientific UAP research.

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