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Aerodynamic Interactions and Turbulence Mitigation by Unidentified Aerospace- Undersea Phenomena

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

[Paper as presented at AIAA 2023 Aviation Forum; submitted for publication (not peer-reviewed)]

In this study, we investigate the hypothesis that the apparent lack of interaction of fast- moving unidentified aerospace-undersea phenomena (UAP) with their surrounding physical media can be attributed to the implementation of a functionalized force field. Specifically, we propose that a force field emanating from the moving object and centered around it could enable it to move through water without experiencing significant pressure changes or cavitation, and through air without generating shock waves, sonic booms, or aerodynamic heating. While the application and source of this force field is purely speculative, our research using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) has demonstrated that operation of such a force field can effectively reduce fluid dynamic features that are commonly associated with rapid movement of objects through these media. As UAP pose a significant risk to flight safety, our work plays an important role in comprehending how they may operate. This knowledge could lead to the development of technologies that aid in the recognition and avoidance of UAP by aviators, mitigating the risks associated with these unexplained phenomena.

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