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A New Appraisal of the Data of the Delphos CE2 1971 Case

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Author: Erol Faruk

An unidentified aerospace phenomenon (UAP) witnessed from 75 ft at a farm in Kansas in November 1971 is regarded as one of the most puzzling physical trace cases. It involved an illuminated UAP hovering just above the ground for several minutes before departing to leave a glowing ring of soil. The latter was photographed and even touched by members of a farming family shortly afterwards. A profound chemical change of the resulting ring soil was discovered in that the surface material down to a level 14 inches deep had become highly resistant to absorbing water as most soils would commonly do. Over the years attempts have been made by various laboratories to analyse the soil in order to shed light on the cause of the hydrophobicity and determine why the ring was claimed to be glowing. This author carried out a major organic chemical analysis in late 1977 which led him to discover that the ring soil was impregnated with a highly water-soluble soap-like compound that paradoxically led to the hydrophobicity and which on isolation and characterization revealed chemiluminescent properties. This paper brings together all other relevant data in order to aid confirming the event as being genuinely anomalous.

Erol Faruk The Delphos CE2 Case Nov. 2021
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