Peter Reali

Peter has a BS and MSEE from the University of California Berkeley. He had a long career in Silicon Valley and an electrical design engineer and manager of engineering projects. His specialty was in Telecom- munications and network and information technologies. He has designed systems including mobile telephone control systems, fiber optic ring networks, T1, T3 and Sonnet communication systems. He has done design in digital phase lock loop and network timing synchronization. He has done digital design using FPGA technologies to implement networking equipment. He has led project teams as an engineering manager. Currently he is retired and enjoys photography as a member of the Boise Camera Club, plays blues harmonica with the Boise Blues Society and does research with the Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies. [SCU ]
Peter Reali is a member of the Scientific Coalition for Ufology [SCU]. He has been a seriously involved member since early 2018 and was attracted to join the SCU due to its serious mission to investigate this phenomenon in a scientific manner. He has done major sections in the SCU's most recent report "A Forensic Analysis of Navy Carrier Strike Group Eleven's Encounter with an Anomalous Aerial Vehicle". He has been interested in this phenomenon for many years and has read extensively but not participated in group investigations due to time constraints with his career and the often sensational and unscientific methods employed by most organizations.

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