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SCU Review 5.2

This issue includes an update with the SCU Board of Directors, a Fireside Chat getting to know Executive Board Member Rich Hoffman, and a continued conversation on topics of reverse engineering in our Letter to the Editor, an article titled The Shift of Cold War UAP Activity to the Public Domain by Larry Hancock, Ian Porritt, Sean Grosvenor and Larry Cates, The St. Clair Triangle: A Look Back by Wm J Granger, MD, The Perplexity of Intelligence Essay One: Defining Intelligence, and the History of the US Intelligence Community from the Revolutionary War to the National Security Act of 1947 By Dr. Joshua Pierson, DSS, government transparency and more. Finally a Sci-Fi Highlight by Esteban Corio, SCU Latin America Advisor called "The Secret of the Island.

Download the Review in the file link below.

SCU Review 5.2 Final
Download PDF • 1.72MB

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