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Lee Dines is currently a Senior Instructor in Policing Education at a University in the East of England. He is a course leader and teaches a variety of subjects, including research methods and criminology. He was previously a lecturer In Policing Studies at Teesside University where he taught on undergraduate courses relating to Policing, Crime, and Investigation. He also supervised post graduate students. He holds a BA (Hons) in Community Studies and an MSc in Criminology and Criminal Psychology. He is currently completing a postgraduate teaching qualification. Lee’s main academic interests include criminological theory, Evidence-Based Policing (EBP) and hate crimes. Lee is a former police officer, who served as a police sergeant and acting police inspector. He has extensive experience of conducting and supervising criminal investigations.


Lee has been researching the UAP phenomenon for 24 years. He is particularly interested in CE cases, the history of the field and methodological aspects relating to the investigation of the phenomenon. He previously served as a field investigator and National Director for MUFON.

Lee Dines


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