Larry Hancock

Larry Hancock brings his formal training in history and cultural
anthropology to his research and writing on Cold War history and national security subjects. A graduate of the University of New Mexico, he earned is BA with honors, majoring in history, cultural anthropology and education. Following service in the United States Air Force, his career in computer/communications and technology marketing allowed him the opportunity to become involved in and consult on strategic analysis and planning studies. Following retirement, Larry returned to his long term interest in historical research. Known as a "document geek", he researched and published several collections of CIA, FBI and military documents prior to beginning his writing efforts. His document work led to his becoming a board member of the Mary Ferrell Foundation, a major online interactive history archive. With seven books in print, his most recent works include an exploration of long term patterns in covert action and deniable warfare ("Shadow Warfare"), the effectiveness of national command authority and command and control practices ("Surprise Attack") and the national intelligence problem of UFOs ("Unidentified").

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