SCU Board

Founders, Professionals and Advisors

Robert Powell

Exec Board Member

B.S. in Chemistry and is a former collegiate debater. He has 28 years experience in engineering management in the semiconductor industry.

Morgan Beall

Exec Board Member

Founding Contributor 

has a B.S. in Earth Science. He has worked in the field of environmental consulting and OSHA/EPA regulations

Larry Cates

Board Emeritus - Standards

Founding Contributor 

B.S. in Mathematics from Jacksonville University. He has 40+ years of programming experience; systems analysis, application and hardware development.

Richard Hoffman

Exec Board Member

B.A. in Organizational Communications from Wright State University. He is an Information Technology consultant and strategist. 


Dr. Paul Kingsbury

Board Member - Standards

Professor of Geography at Simon Fraser University. Paul has initial research findings with numerous media organizations including Newsweek, Coast to Coast AM, and the Discovery Channel. 

Carl Paulson

Board Emeritus -

Founding Contributor 

B.S. magna cum laude in Physics and spent four years working on a PhD in Physics at New York University's Dept of Physics Graduate program.

Alejandro Rojas

Director of Operations for Open Minds Production, host Open Minds UFO Radio,, emcee IUFOC.

Board Adviser - PR

Dr. Sarah L.

Board Adviser - Science 

Coordinates and assists with board foundation formation, peer review procedure creation and advises the SCU on business and nonprofit strategies. 


Peter Reali

Board Member - Project Design

BS and MSEE from the University

long career in Silicon Valley and an electrical design engineer and manager of engineering projects.

Larry Hancock

Board Member - Communications

University of New Mexico, he earned is BA with honors, majoring in history, cultural anthropology and education. United States Air Force Served. 

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